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Artist Statement

To glimpse into the voids, the underlying structures, the edges, the alternate realities…

Zooming down to the tiniest scales, quantum mechanics reveals a strange world of virtual particles popping in and out of existence. At the human scale we see only a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and neuroscience revealed that even our limited visual perception is influenced by our life experience; we are not perceiving the world as a camera does, we are not really ‘seeing’ reality and nobody can explain how conscious thought arises. Accelerating out into the expanding universe, Einstein revealed a relativistic world where time is bound with space and gravity is the curvature of spacetime dictated by matter.


Heidi jumps down these rabbit holes of the mind, down to the quantum soup and out into the foaming multiverse, exploring the nature of spacetime and our inner minds… but will the secrets of the multiverse reveal themselves?


About Heidi

Heidi Hodkinson lives in the beautiful in north west England, a hop, skip & a jump from the mountainous playground of the Lake District. Having created art since childhood and attended art college, Heidi first worked as a sign and graphic designer.

However, with a parallel interest in science, particularly physics, Heidi went back into full time education and gained BSc Hons in Astrophysics.

Heidi then managed the finances of externally funded projects for a University by day and played underground DJ by night. She also gained a City & Guilds in Silversmithing and studied garden design in her spare time.

Heidi left the University to run Hybrid Gardens with her husband, adding garden design to the business, and project managing design/builds. At this point she rekindled her love of painting and, with a lifelong wide range of interests, realised that the purpose of her art is to process the scientific ideas and information she seeks out…

…And in the course of researching the edges and unknowns of science, Heidi felt an irresistible draw towards all things space and is now heading to infinity & beyond, have completed a part time MSc in Space Science and Technology, and looking for an opportunity to join the space community!

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